Online Hypnotherapy or Face-to-Face Hypnotherapy? Which is Best for You.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are choosing to have online hypnotherapy sessions instead. This means that you can stay at home, keep safe and resolve your issue using hypnotherapy.

But perhaps you’re wondering if online hypnotherapy is really as effective as being face to face in a room together. If that’s the case, keep reading.

In this article, I will define what online hypnotherapy is. I’ll discuss its effectiveness and how a session with an online hypnotherapist works.

I’ll then cover the advantages and disadvantages of both online and face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions. This will give you the information to choose the one that is right for you.

What is Online Hypnotherapy?

Online Hypnotherapy is where the hypnotherapist delivers the session via the internet. The Hypnotherapist will use video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime to deliver the session.

It’s a live real-time hypnotherapy session that follows the same format and structure as a face-to-face session. 

However, instead of sitting in the same room as me, we are seeing and hearing each other on a computer or tablet instead.

Online hypnotherapy is often called virtual hypnotherapy, tele-health hypnotherapy or skypenosis.

How Effective is Online Hypnotherapy?

An Online Hypnotherapy session is just as effective as a face-to-face session.  It can even be more effective. More on this later!

Hypnosis is a natural state that you can achieve without being in the same room as me. As long as you can see and hear me, you will experience exactly the same benefits as seeing me in-person.

How does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

We agree on the date and time for the session by phone or email. Alternatively, you can book the session online. I will then send you a unique Zoom link for each session. This link is safe and secure, and only you and I have access to it. 

Just before the start of the session, you would click the link and follow the instructions. You’ll be taken to a virtual waiting area and I’ll then let you in. We will then be able to see and hear each other and work together in the same way as a face-to-face session.

For payments, I use a very secure and efficient online payments platform called Stripe.  I will send you a Stripe payment link and you can then pay for the session using any debit or credit card.  Other options, such as PayPal or direct bank transfer, are available too.

Should I Do Online or Face to Face Hypnotherapy?

So now you know that hypnotherapy is equally effective whether its delivered face to face or online. However, this doesn’t mean that you should choose online hypnotherapy over traditional face to face or in-person sessions.  There are advantages and disadvantages of each method.  I cover these in the sections below.  This will help you decide whether online or face to face is right for you.

The Advantages of Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

These are some of the advantages or benefits of having hypnotherapy sessions online.

No Need to Travel.

This is a big reason many people choose an Online Hypnotherapist. Driving, traffic and finding parking can be stressful. Even if you use public transport, delays and crowded buses or trains can increase stress.

Instead, you can relax at home and simply click a Zoom link to join the session.

Your Own Familiar Environment

You may feel more relaxed having hypnotherapy sessions in your own home or office. You can sit in your favourite chair or couch and have your creature comforts close at hand. This can help you go into a deeper hypnotic state and make the hypnotherapy session more effective.

For disabled people or those with impaired mobility, online sessions allow hypnotherapy to be available to these people.

Saves You Time and Money

You save the time spent travelling, including that extra 15 to 30 minutes that most people allow to ensure that you make it to my office or clinic on time.

You avoid paying for tolls, parking or public transport fares. 

I’ve had clients see me in-person from the Central Coast or even Newcastle.  In these cases, the travel time and cost is quite significant.

More Hypnotherapists to Choose From!

With online hypnotherapy, you are not restricted to working with a hypnotherapist in your local area. You can find one in another state, country or continent! I’ve run online hypnotherapy sessions for people in the US, West Australia, Southern Highlands and Sydneysiders that prefer not to travel.

This is especially important if you are looking for the best hypnotherapist to help with specific issues such as Eating Disorders, IBS, OCD, PTSD, Sexual Problems or Tinnitus. Your local hypnotherapist may not have sufficient experience to deal with these issues.

More Flexible Appointment Times

I can often deliver online hypnotherapy sessions as early as 7:30am or as late as 8pm, as I don’t need to factor in travel time to and from the clinic.  Sessions on Saturdays are often possible too.

This can be very useful if you would like to see a hypnotherapist outside of normal working hours.

Totally COVID-19 Safe

With an online session, you can sneeze, cough or blow your nose without being concerned about others. You also eliminate any contact with other people in the clinic or when travelling to and from my clinic. And you don’t need to wear a face mask.

The Drawbacks of Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

So you might be thinking that online hypnotherapy sounds like a wonderful idea.  However, there are some disadvantages and I cover these below. You can reduce many of these with good planning and preparation.


It is easier to be distracted in an online hypnotherapy session.  Typical distractions include:

  • Other people walking into the room (or making noise elsewhere, such as in the kitchen).
  • Pets or young children coming into the room or wanting your attention during the session.
  • Outside noise such as lawn-mowers, drilling, children playing or other noise from your neighbours.
  • Your door bell or phone-ringing.
  • If you are using your phone for the session, then alerts, notifications and phone calls can distract the session.

Most (but not all distractions can be minimised by planning ahead).  This might involve:

  • Telling family members or flatmates that you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Shutting doors to prevent pets or children wondering in.
  • Closing windows (or using air conditioning) to dampen down outside noise
  • Wearing headphones, especially noise cancelling ones.
  • Putting all electronic devices into do not disturb mode.


Other people in your household may hear some of your conversations with the hypnotherapist. You may be fine with that, especially if you’re seeking help to quit smoking or stop a simple habit (such as nail-biting).

However, if you are seeking help for trauma or more personal or sexual issues, then ensure that no one else is a home at the time of the session. If this is difficult, then a face-to-face session might be a better choice for you.

Some people are concerned about the confidentiality of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. When using Zoom, I enable the “waiting room” feature, so I have to let you in. This prevents other people from accidentally or intentionally joining the session. I also use unique passwords and links for each session.


What are you like with technology? Are you tech savvy or does technology challenge you or stress you out? If your mind goes blank when using technology, then a face-to-face session would make more sense.

A desktop or laptop computer is the best choice for an online hypnotherapy session. Tablets and smart phones can be effective too. The most important thing is to ensure that you are not holding the device. A desktop or laptop on a table or desk is fine.  A tablet or smartphone on a stand or cradle is fine too.

An online session with a hypnotherapist depends on a reliable internet connection. Occasionally, an issue with the internet can interrupt the session unexpectedly. If this happens during the hypnotic part of the session, then you will naturally return to normal waking awareness. It’s not possible to get stuck in hypnosis. We then reconnect to the session using the same link.

Technical issues such as no sound or video can usually be avoided by joining the session a few minutes early and then testing your video and sound settings.

Ensure that your device is charged sufficiently or connected to power. Put the device into do not disturb mode, once the session starts. 


Computer webcams often need good natural or artificial light to ensure that the hypnotherapist can see a good clear image of you. This might mean having lights that are brighter than you would like for a relaxing hypnotic experience.

The Advantages of Face to Face Hypnotherapy Sessions

Most people continue to have face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions with me. This is partly because online hypnotherapy is still new and poorly understood. However, it’s also because there are several benefits to in-person sessions that make them more suitable for many people.  Here are some advantages of face to face or in-person sessions.

No Distractions

A good hypnotherapist will do everything they can to eliminate distractions. Their office or clinic is designed for therapy sessions, so it will be naturally quiet and peaceful. They might use white-noise machines or gentle meditative music to prevent any outside sounds from distracting you.

Comfort and Lighting

Furniture will be comfortable and designed to help you relax and feel calm.  I use soft lighting too.


In a face-to-face session, you can be certain that it will be confidential between you and the hypnotherapist. Family members and friends don’t even need to know that you are having a hypnotherapy session! It’s totally private.

Sound proofing and the use of white-noise machines ensure that conversations are not overheard by other people in the clinic.

No Technology!

You just need to know how to turn off your phone or put it into silent or “do not disturb” mode!

Connection and Rapport

Some people feel more comfortable meeting a hypnotherapist face to face. It can also be a little easier for the hypnotherapist to connect with you, develop rapport, and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The Drawbacks of Face to Face Hypnotherapy Sessions

There are some disadvantages to face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions. It’s worth being aware of these before deciding whether online or face-to-face hypnotherapy is best for you.


If you’re reading this article and you don’t live in Sydney, then a face-to-face session is probably not an option for you, unless you want to combine hypnotherapy with a holiday or vacation in Sydney! 

So you are restricted to working with a hypnotherapist in your local area. This limits your choice, and your local hypnotherapist may not have the knowledge or experience to deal with more specific issues.

COVID-19 Concerns

In my Crows Nest clinic, I do everything possible to keep it totally COVID safe. This includes providing hand-sanitiser, limiting the number of people in waiting areas and additional cleaning and sanitisation measures. Also, checking in with the QR code on arrival. I will strive to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from you.

Depending on the rules in place at the time, it may be necessary for you and I to wear a face mask.

So, if COVID-19 concerns you, then having an online session with a hypnotherapist might be a better option. 

Travel and Parking Stress

Traffic congestion and delays can be stressful and could cause you to be late for your appointment. This has happened a few times to clients in the past. Finding parking close to the clinic can sometimes be challenging too. 

The further you travel, the more stressful this can be.  This is one of the primary reasons for clients choosing an online hypnotherapy session.

Increased Costs

Once you add on the travel costs, this can increase the cost of your hypnotherapy treatment significantly. Also, hypnotherapists working in busy CBD centres often charge more because their rents are higher.

Unfamiliar Environment

Your first face-to-face hypnotherapy session can feel a little daunting. The clinic is new and unfamiliar. You’ve never met me personally before (although you might have seen me on YouTube!).

If this feels a little uncomfortable, then online hypnotherapy might be a better option. It creates that sense of distance or separation that some people prefer. Also, you have the benefit of your favourite couch and other creature comforts.

Which One Should I Choose?

As you now realise, both online and face-to-face hypnotherapy are equally effective.  However, there are benefits and drawbacks of each, so it really is down to personal preference. 

Sometimes, online hypnotherapy may be your only option, especially if you wish to work with a hypnotherapist that specialises in a particular issue and lives in another city, state or country.

If you find it difficult to get time alone at home with no distractions, then a face-to-face session might be better for you. 

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