Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

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What is an Eating Disorder?

An eating disorder is any of a range of psychological disorders that influences your eating in some way.  As they are psychologically based, hypnotherapy for eating disorders can help in many ways.

Which Eating Disorder do I have?

There are quite a few different eating disorders and the process for treating each one using hypnotherapy is quite different.

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Habitual Overeating

This is where eating too much has become a habit.  What happens is that people unconsciously turn off the uncomfortable feeling that they get when full. I call it the “I feel full feeling”

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Emotional Eating

When you eat to satisfy emotions rather than hunger, this is known as emotional or comfort eating.  It would include eating when feeling stressed, bored, depressed or even happy! – Often people eat to satisfy an “empty” feeling inside.

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Binge Eating

Do you eat until you feel sick or uncomfortable or continually eat throughout the day when you’re not hungry?  If so, you may need some help with binge or compulsive eating.  People that binge eat often feel a lack of control.  They know they shouldn’t do it, but they can’t seem to stop.

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If you’re suffering from bulimia, then help is at hand.  Bulimia hypnotherapy has a good track record for helping resolve the need to binge and purge.  There is always a reason behind this and when that reason is found and resolved, eating tends to naturally return to normal.

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I have a very gentle process for helping people with anorexia.  I rarely discuss the symptoms and instead work on the underlying causes which are largely emotional.  As a result, you will feel more relaxed, confident, happy with high self-esteem.  When this happens, the anorexia tends to reduce naturally.

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