Nail biting hypnotherapy will help you to successfully stop biting your nails today.

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Do you find it impossible to stop biting your nails? You’re fed up with this annoying habit. Nail biting hypnotherapy will help you keep your hands away from your mouth, so that your nails grow naturally.

You are in a situation, perhaps one that is slightly uncomfortable for you.  So you start feeling around the edge of your nails.  You’re looking for a rough bit.  Once you find it, you start picking at it.  You pick a little too far and your nail breaks.  You then feel a strong urge to bite it, so that the nail can be even again.  Before you realise it, the whole nail’s gone and you don’t feel good.

Or instead of biting your nails, you pick at the skin around them or start biting the skin, so that it becomes red and swollen.

Now, your nail biting habit may be slightly different to what I described just then.  However, I’ve probably started to make you become more conscious of it.  That’s the first step to stopping the habit with nail-biting hypnotherapy.

Do you bite your nails when you’re alone, or with other people?  Perhaps it’s at certain times of the day or when doing specific activities. Have you noticed when you don’t do it?

How do you feel just before you bite your nails?  There will usually be some feeling, emotion or state of mind that is causing your mouth to attack your fingers!  The thing that is driving the need to bite your nails is usually unconscious, so you don’t notice it. Hypnotherapy for nail-biting will help you identify and change this unconscious behaviour.

Although you’re not aware of it yet, there will be a reason for biting your nails.  It will be giving you some kind of benefit in the moment.  It could be a distraction, a momentary feeling of relief after you’ve done it, possibly followed by annoyance.

Maybe it’s a way of taking your mind off something else for a moment.  Whatever this reason is, it will be driving your nail-biting behaviour unconsciously.  This is where my nail biting hypnotherapy treatment comes in to play.

You can have nails that are long, strong, attractive and smooth.

Imagine being able to leave your hands alone and just allow them to be still.  Notice how your hands stay away from your mouth.  When you notice a rough bit, you can grab a nail file or just allow it to be there.  You begin to treat your nails as precious, so you naturally take great care in looking after them.

My unique and highly effective nail biting hypnotherapy formula will help you gain a new sense of identity.  You will feel like a person that looks after their nails, always uses the correct tools to keep them smooth.  When you see yourself as someone that naturally cares for their nails, then your behaviour will begin to follow this new sense of identity.  This is an important part of my treatment process for any habit, including nail-biting.

Once you accept yourself as someone that looks after their nails, biting them will create an inner conflict with who you are now, so you just won’t do it.   As a result, you’ll begin to develop long nails, attractive nails, strong nails, clean nails and tidy nails.

Being free of this old habit will allow you to feel good, in control and confident once again.  You can have your hands on display at meetings or when having a drink at a social function.

Can your hypnotherapy treatment really stop me biting my nails?

Absolutely! It’s a relatively simple process of making your nail-biting habit more conscious. We then delve into the unconscious reasons and benefits for continuing this habit.

I’ll then use my special nail biting hypnotherapy process to find other ways for these reasons and benefits to be met that don’t involve biting your nails.

Finally, I’ll help you gain a new sense of self as someone that naturally looks after their nails.

This is all normally possible in one to three sessions, although it can vary for different people.

Reviews and Testimonials

I initially booked a session with Paul not really knowing what to expect, being a little apprehensive and skeptical about the idea of hypnosis. Paul instantly put me at ease and addressed all the questions I had while making me feel relaxed about the whole process. By the end of the session my life long nail biting addiction seems to have gone away, nails are well on the road to recovery also. I have since been back to visit Paul regarding other issues as I was so amazed by the whole experience and result. Would highly recommend Paul and hypnosis in general, George.
It’s been about 8 months since I saw Paul once and I am pleased to say that I haven’t turned back to nail biting 😁. I am very grateful that he helped me break a habit that I’ve had all my life.

It’s time to show off your nails and feel free!

Think about a situation or event coming up in the next few weeks.  An event where you naturally have your hands on display.  What would that feel like?  Perhaps that gives you a sense of freedom.  No longer trying to hide something.  You feel happy, confident and in control.

What would it be like to finally let go of an old habit that you’ve possibly had for years or decades?

Imagine your new identity as someone that always takes care of their nails, is in control and relaxed in situations where you previously did that old habit.

Hypnotherapy for nail-biting is an incredibly effective and powerful treatment for nail-biting, skin picking and many other habits.  It has worked for many other people and it can work for you.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  However, I would normally recommend 1 to 3 sessions spread over a few weeks to tackle this fully.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

For further details, please visit my locations page.

You can find details of my hypnotherapy fees here.

What’s your next step?

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When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and get you started on overcoming this habit for good.

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Best wishes

Paul Thomas

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