Public Speaking Hypnosis can help you remain calm and relaxed whilst speaking confidently and fluently.

Public Speaking Hypnosis Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Sydney

Don’t want to freeze on stage, have a shaky voice, stutter, look nervous or make a full of yourself?

About 75% of people in Australia have some fear around public speaking at some point in their lives.  All the symptoms of anxiety can be experienced, ranging from a mild unease to a full-blown “get me out of here” panic attack.  Public speaking hypnosis is a wonderful way to help you feel relaxed and in control when talking in meetings, seminars or at a wedding.

When you speak in public (or just think about speaking in public), maybe you experience some of the following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Shaky voice
  • Nervousness
  • Mind going blank
  • Feeling of wanting to escape
  • Pounding heart
  • Sweating
  • Stiffening of muscles.

These are the typical “fight or flight” responses coming from your unconscious mind when it perceives any kind of threat.

So to get these symptoms when speaking in public, there will be some kind of threat.  This could be real or imaginary.    If there is no threat, then the fight or flight response is not triggered and you won’t experience these symptoms.

Public Speaking Fears and Threats

Typical fears and threats are:

  • Self-worth, self-esteem or seeking approval.  You want the presentation to go well to impress your boss, potential client or work colleagues.  You fear it going badly or getting negative feedback as this will threaten your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Safety & Security.  You feel like you’ll be verbally attacked (for example with difficult questions) when you stand up in front of an audience.  Also if the presentation goes badly, you feel it could affect your job, especially if your boss or a potential new client is in attendance.
  • Losing Control. There are many unknowns with public speaking.  Unexpected problems can happen with technology or you could be asked questions that you didn’t expect.  Your mind might go blank or you freeze.
  • Rejection. People not liking or agreeing with what you’re saying.

As a result, there is a dual conversation happening.  You’re speaking externally to the audience.  However, at the same time, you’re analysing the presentation in your mind.  Typical thoughts would be “I wonder how it’s going? “What if I bluff my words? “What if I freeze? or “What if people notice how nervous I am?”  Notice how many of these thoughts start with “What if”.

These internal thoughts and questions make your public speaking symptoms worse because you’re not focussing completely on the actual task of delivering the presentation.   This is where public speaking hypnosis comes in.

If you struggle with public speaking, you may view it as a performance.  Something you have to “pull off”, perhaps to impress your boss or someone else.  It has to be perfect and you attempt to act the role of a confident public speaker, but it’s not really you.  You can’t be yourself.  Instead, you have to be someone else that is bigger and better.

This creates a fear of not being able to live up to this.  You’re afraid of it going wrong, being found out, feeling like you’re a fraud, that you don’t deserve to be in this job or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

A key change is often to realise that you can just be yourself and still give a clear, interesting and authentic presentation or speech.

Public speaking hypnosis can help you to speak easily and fluently, feel at ease in the spotlight and feel good about yourself and the presentation

I typically start by helping you identify the beliefs that cause you to feel fearful or threatened in some way.  I then help you change those beliefs, so that you can feel differently and perform better.

I’ll help you take control of the inner conversation that you have with yourself whilst speaking.  What would it be like to have empowering thoughts about how well the presentation is going, along with the confidence to deal with whatever questions come your way.

These are some of the changes that you can expect to make after a few sessions of public speaking hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

  • Being able to start the presentation well and keep going comfortably until the end.
  • Focussing your mind on the presentation itself, so that you speak more clearly.
  • Keeping your voice calm and clear all the way through the presentation.
  • Being able to answer any question comfortably and with ease.
  • Feeling at ease in the spotlight.
  • Being able to stay calm, relaxed and in control.
  • Being able to speak clearly and fluently.
  • Feeling good about yourself before, during and after a presentation.

I want to get you to a stage where public speaking and presentations no longer trigger the “fight or flight” response.  If the fear is more deep-rooted, then I’ll use deeper transformational techniques to resolve the underlying fear.

Will public speaking hypnosis work for me?

By tackling and resolving all the different public speaking fears and threats, I find that I get great results with most people, including people that have struggled with public speaking and presentations for many years.

Knowing that you can relax and just be yourself can help melt away the fears and keep your mind focused on the task of giving a wonderful, captivating and interesting presentation that your audience will love.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  However, I would normally recommend 2 to 4 sessions spread over a few weeks to tackle this fully.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

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