Hypnotherapy for Grief and Bereavement can help you accept the loss and resolve any mental or emotional pain

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When the loss of someone turns your life upside down, hypnotherapy for grief and bereavement can help you overcome your sadness and create a sense of peace and acceptance.

If you’re reading this page, then it is likely that you have experienced the loss of a parent, child, partner, grandparent, brother or sister.  Or perhaps, it was the loss of a good friend.  Sometimes, even the loss of a pet can bring feelings of sadness and grief.  Feelings of grief can also come from being diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents you from doing things that you were once able to do.  It could even come from the loss of a job that you really enjoyed or a separation or divorce.

Whether the loss was very recent or many months ago, my hypnotherapy for grief and bereavement treatment can help you overcome your feelings of sadness and start living a normal life again.

If you’re currently dealing with the loss of someone close to you, then you have possibly experienced one or more of the five stages of the grieving process.  These stages are:

Shock, Denial or Disbelief

If the person has recently passed away, you may find it hard to believe that this has actually happened.  You might think or say things like “This can’t be true”, or “there must be a mistake”. This is a way of not wanting to acknowledge or believe the bad news.  This is very common and happens as your mind tries to deal with the loss.


The feeling of loss may turn to anger.  You may think or say things like “It’s not fair” or “Why?”.  Often it’s easier to be angry than to begin to accept what’s happened.  You might also be angry because you feel that this person would still be here if they had looked after themselves better.  Anger can also be a defence mechanism.  It feels easier to rant and rage, than to accept what has happened and move on.

Guilt and Regret

You may feel that there was something that you could have done to prevent the loss.  You might think or say things like “If only I had done X” or “If only I had said Y”.  You wish you could turn back the clock, then change the situation or make it different.  Alternatively, you feel like you want to escape the situation altogether.


You notice feelings of emptiness, depression or a sense of loss.  You begin to acknowledge the inevitable and feel the sadness of the loss.  You realise emotionally that he or she has gone.  This is where the reality of the loss sinks in and you experience feelings of emptiness, sadness, loneliness, mourning and the feeling that something is missing or something has changed. It feels that life will never be the same again.

Acceptance and Hope

This is the stage that I want you to reach with my hypnotherapy for grief and bereavement treatment process.  You feel that you can accept the loss and that things will be different.  However, you also feel that life can go on and you begin to have a sense of a positive future.  You may experience a turning point where you see things differently, you think differently and you feel differently.

Acceptance and hope is the last stage of the grieving process and most people reach this stage naturally.  However, it can take some time.  For some people, this will be a few weeks or months.  For others, it could be years. Hypnotherapy for grief and bereavement can help you reach this stage more quickly so that you feel that life can continue and with a positive future.

How does my hypnotherapy for grief treatment process work?

The main goal is to help you achieve the acceptance and hope stage more quickly.  How I do this will depend on the feelings and emotions that you are currently experiencing.

However, the question I always ask in the first session is “Did you get a chance to say goodbye?”.  Often the answer is “No”, especially if the person died suddenly or unexpectedly.  In this case, I will take you through a process known as the “magical glade”.  This is a 3 part process that helps you express any emotions that you are holding inside as a result of the loss.  These emotions might include anger, hurt, resentment, guilt or abandon.  This helps you create a sense of peace, closure and a new perspective on the loss.

I’ll help you remember this person in a way that feels right for you.  This could be a sense of love, a feeling of happiness when you think about this person or a sense of admiration and appreciation. It may simply be a feeling of peace when you think about or remember this person.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  However, I would normally recommend 2 to 6 sessions spread over a few weeks to tackle this fully.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

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What’s your next step?

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When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and I can help you get started in dealing more positively with the mental and emotional effects of a bereavement and help you reach the stage of acceptance and hope more quickly.

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