Stop Drinking Hypnosis will help you stop or reduce your alcohol consumption quickly, easily and naturally.

What kind of drinker are you?

People seeking stop drinking hypnosis have many reasons for drinking too much.  I wonder which of these apply to you?

  1. Alcohol helps me relax after work.
  2. Excessive drinking is impacting my work and home life.
  3. Thoughts about alcohol such as “I need a drink” are on my mind a lot.
  4. I often tell my partner, family or friends that I’ve drunk less than I really have.
  5. It’s very difficult for me to have just one or two drinks.
  6. I regularly feel hungover or rough in the mornings.
  7. I want to drink less, but I don’t have the willpower to do it.
  8. Drinking helps me escape from my responsibilities in life.
  9. I’m aware of the health risks of alcohol, but still can’t seem to stop.
  10. Life is really tough at the moment and alcohol helps me through it.

These are the common reasons that I hear, when people come to me to stop or reduce their drinking using hypnosis.

Up until now, your unconscious mind believes that alcohol is the only thing that will get you through a stressful day. This part of your mind believes that only alcohol will make you socially confident or that it’s impossible to celebrate or unwind without it.  I suspect you already know that there are more healthy ways to do this.  However, this stubborn part of your mind keeps drawing you towards alcohol like a powerful magnet.  It seems like all the willpower in the world isn’t enough to change your drinking habit.

How are you going to help me stop drinking?

That’s a great question!

My unique and powerful stop drinking hypnosis process will work directly with your unconscious mind and emotions, so that you think and feel differently about alcohol.  Your old thoughts around alcohol will gently drift away and be replaced with different thoughts as you feel a sense of freedom from alcohol.

I will teach your unconscious mind to discover more positive ways to deal with stress.  This might be to crave exercise when things get rough. Or to chat to a friend or loved one when things get out of hand and you feel a need to vent.  I will help you to become a smart, happy, confident and funny person without the need for alcohol.

My stop drinking hypnosis formula will help you visualise a powerful future without alcohol.  Just imagine seeing your work and home life improve, your relationships with your partner and kids.  Removing that guilty feeling that comes from lying about the number of drinks you’ve had to a loved one.  What would it be like to imagine facing up to your responsibilities head-on with your new found confidence, combined with a calm and relaxed attitude.

In some cases, I will tackle issues from the past that are causing you to think about or crave alcohol in the present.  This process can be very liberating as you experience an emotional clear out that leaves you with a new sense of peace, calmness and mental freedom.

My stop drinking hypnosis process can also help retrain your mind to:

  • Create a distaste or loathing for alcohol, so that you no longer want to drink.
  • Boost the appeal of a healthy alternative to alcohol.
  • Help you deal with stress more effectively (if that’s one of your reasons for drinking).
  • Help you develop new lifestyle habits
  • Diminish the importance of alcohol in affecting how you feel.
  • Feel more relaxed and confident when interacting with other people in social situations.

Will it really work for me?

You may be feeling a little sceptical about using hypnotherapy to stop or reduce your drinking.  That’s a natural feeling when looking at a new solution to fix an old problem.  Many of my previous clients, had already tried prescription medications, self-help groups or pure will-power without success, so were naturally a little sceptical when they first walked through my door.   However, many of these clients came out surprised by how easy it was to reduce or stop drinking altogether.

What makes my method of stop drinking hypnosis so effective is that I work with a number of different layers of your mind all at once.  This includes changing your beliefs and sense of identity, so that you begin to feel like a healthy person. One that is looking after your body and feeling calm, relaxed and confident.

I’ll also work with your emotions, so that you don’t crave a drink when your mind says “I don’t want a drink”.  I’ll help resolve internal conflicts between the part of you that wants to drink and the part of you that doesn’t. Drinking will start to become irrelevant, something that you used to do in the past.

Working with all these different layers of your mind at once, greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome.  This cannot be guaranteed as everyone is different.  However, I strongly believe that if you seriously want to reduce or completely stop drinking alcohol, then you can do it and I can help you with stop drinking hypnosis.

You have a choice

For how much longer do you want to have alcohol ruling your health, your finances, your relationships, your happiness and ultimately your time on this planet?  Or continue losing that mental battle with yourself that leads to having a drink when you know you shouldn’t.  Those hangovers, where you wonder how on earth you’re going to get through the day can be a think of the past for you.

Why wait a moment longer when a simple phone call could be your first step on your road to recovery.  A life without hangovers, guilty feelings, stress, lack of control and social anxiety can be right around the corner when you take the first step to pick up the phone.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  Sometimes, it can be one or two sessions.  For others, a short course of treatment of 3 or 4 sessions may be required.  However, you should start noticing some changes after the first session.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

For further details, please visit my locations page.

You can find details of my hypnotherapy fees here.

Sometimes, I’m booked up for weeks in advance.  At other times, I have spaces available right now.  If you’re keen to get going and want to check my current availability, please call me on 0433 446 012.

Your next step

Call Paul on 0433 446 012 today for a friendly, confidential chat.  Alternatively, send an email to  When we speak, you will get all your questions answered in a friendly and caring way and feel good that you’ve taken the first step.  When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and get you started on your road to recovery.

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Best wishes

Paul Thomas

Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapist
Specialist in Stop Drinking Hypnosis