Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating will help you change the emotions that fuel your eating, so that you feel so much better and eat well too.

Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating and Comfort Eating North Sydney. Hypnosis for Emotional Eating Sydney

What exactly is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is using food as a companion when you are feeling bored, depressed, stressed or even happy.  It also includes using food to satisfy some kind of feeling that is currently missing.  For some people, food can be used as a way to escape a situation or feeling that you don’t want to deal with.   Hypnotherapy for emotional eating works directly at resolving these feelings and emotions.  The desire to eat for emotional reasons, then naturally drifts away.

The person believes that by eating, they can create or satisfy this missing feeling in some way or escape from other problems in their lives.  Sometimes this works, but quite often people are left with other feelings after eating, such as guilt, shame or disappointment.  These are often worse than the original feeling.

The emotional desire to eat comes from your subconscious mind.  You realise consciously that you’re not hungry, but your subconscious mind and emotions wants you to eat.  You can try and stop this consciously, but it’s very draining and hard work.

What happens is that your conscious mind is telling you to be good and stick to your diet.  At the same time, your subconscious mind is telling you that a little comfort food will fill that empty void and make everything feel better.  When conflicts like this arise, your subconscious mind nearly always wins!

If this sounds like you, then hypnotherapy for emotional eating can be a very effective way to get rid of this issue once and for all.

What kind of Emotional Eater are you?

Emotional eating involves using food to satisfy some kind of feeling or emotion.  Some of the emotional reasons why people eat include:

  1. Eating to relax after a stressful day
  2. Eating when lonely
  3. Comfort Eating
  4. Satisfying some kind of “empty” feeling using food.
  5. Eating when feeling bored, dissatisfied, anxious or depressed
  6. Eating to celebrate or drown your sorrows
  7. Feeling guilty or ashamed after eating.
  8. A desire to eat, when you’re not actually hungry
  9. A mental “tug of war” between your will-power and other (often subconscious) parts of you that keep you stuck.

If some of these reasons strike a chord with you, then you’re in the right place.

So what’s the solution?

When emotional eaters attempt to solve this using willpower alone, results tend to be temporary at best.  They start eating healthily and exercising, but will feel an “empty” feeling inside.  This tends to derail their progress bringing them back to square one.  This then creates other emotional problems, such as frustration or anxiety at not being able to get on top of this.

As you can see, food is not the real problem here – it’s just a symptom.  The real cause of your emotional eating are feelings and emotions that you are trying to suppress.  This explains why people that tackle this using willpower alone tend to be unsuccessful.

When you can let go of the emotional attachment to food and resolve any underlying issues, your emotional eating or comfort eating will reduce or disappear naturally.

How does Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating work?

My method of hypnotherapy for emotional eating will focus on identifying and then resolving the emotions that were creating this issue in the first place.  Once the emotions are released, you will feel lighter and brighter inside.  You’ll also lose some weight without thinking about it and feel happier when you look at yourself in the mirror.

I will also identify what triggers your emotional eating, so that we can start to change this.  I’ll then use hypnosis for emotional eating to direct your subconscious mind to replace eating with more healthier activities, so that this becomes a natural life change.

I’ll also teach you self-hypnosis techniques to help you lock the changes into place between sessions.  These exercises are fun and easy to do and very relaxing as well.

Other benefits that you can experience after a few sessions of hypnotherapy for emotional eating include:

  1. Being able to deal with life’s challenges head-on with confidence and in a healthy way.
  2. Eat purely to nourish the body and feel good doing that.
  3. Feel more relaxed with a clearer mind.
  4. A sense of achievement at making a life change that has stuck.
  5. A natural tendency to keep your physical and emotional need separate.
  6. A feeling of being back in control with no inner conflicts.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  For most people, a short course of treatment of between 4 and 6 sessions will provide sufficient time to resolve the emotional issues.

Most clients will notice a difference in how they feel after a couple of sessions.  The changes in eating habits tend to naturally follow on after that.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

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