Hypnotherapy for Depression can help you successfully deal with the thoughts and feelings that make you feel depressed, so that you can see a positive future.

Hypnosis for Depression

Unable to Cope?  Feel there is no way out? Hypnotherapy for Depression can help you successfully overcome your feelings of hopelessness.

You’re not alone. Around 1 in 5 Australian’s experience depression at some point in their lives.  Sometimes, one or a number of life events creates prolonged stress and anxiety. This overwhelms your ability to cope, causing feelings of Depression.  For other people like you, depression can occur with no obvious cause.  Life seems fine on the outside, but there is an empty and hopeless feeling inside.

Perhaps you are one of the many people that experience common symptoms of depression such as:

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering things or making decisions
  • Tiredness and reduced energy
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness or helplessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Irritability or restlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities and hobbies, including sex
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Persistent aches or pains, such as headaches, cramps or digestive problems that do not ease with treatment.
  • Persistent sad, anxious or empty feelings.

Maybe you can relate to some of the above symptoms, especially when feeling stressed or anxious.   However, if you experience quite a few of these symptoms at once and they have persisted for a while, then it is important to seek help.

If you’re feeling these depressed feelings, then it probably means there is something that you want to do that you can’t do. Or there is something you can’t do that you want to do. Perhaps you try and do something and you can’t and it’s making you feel something that you don’t want to feel.   It feels like there is an inner battle going on in your head that you cannot seem to resolve.

This leaves you feeling stuck or powerless with no way out or hope for the future. Life then becomes meaningless, simple tasks seem hard and there is a general feeling of hopelessness.  You may have thoughts such as “what’s the point”.  You may also feel that you’re a burden on family and friends. Those kinds of feelings can often make things more difficult for you and others.

If all this seems like how you are feeling right now, then you’re in the right place and I can help you using Hypnotherapy for Depression.

Hypnotherapy can help you feel better, cope better and be in control, with a positive future to look forward to.

For many people like you, hypnotherapy for depression will focus on resolving the internal conflicts that make you feel that there is no way out.  You will then be able to see a positive future and have the confidence to make that more real for you.

Sometimes, the issue is an external situation that you feel unable to control.  This could include being stuck in a job you hate, a relationship that you feel you cannot get out of, or an overwhelming amount of financial debt.  In these situations, I will use hypnotherapy to help lessen the emotional pain.  I would then help you gain the confidence and courage to deal with these issues in different ways, so that you can see a positive future.

If life seems good on the surface and you still have depressed feelings, then there is likely to be some unconscious unresolved issues that are creating these feelings.  These unhelpful feelings can be resolved and released quickly in hypnosis by working directly with your unconscious mind.  Alternatively, a build-up of unconscious unresolved feelings over time can prevent you from moving on with your life and you feel stuck.  Clearing out the emotional baggage in hypnosis will help you move on with your life again.

Hypnotherapy for Depression works directly to treat the underlying thoughts, feelings and internal conflicts, so that your life becomes meaningful again. You can feel in control and see a positive future ahead of you.

Can Hypnotherapy really help me overcome my depression?

Yes absolutely!  Using my unique form of Hypnotherapy for Depression, I will help you resolve the inner battles and feelings of helplessness so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Together, we will reduce your emotional and physical symptoms of depression and change the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that make you feel depressed in the first place.

Although it may not seem like it to you right now, you can successfully overcome depression and go on to lead a normal, confident and happy life.

Why it’s important to seek help now

Your feelings of depression can arise from a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental and psychological factors.  Trauma, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, or any prolonged stressful situation can trigger a depressive episode.

Without treatment, your symptoms of depression could last for weeks, months or even years.  Over time, your depressed thoughts and feelings start to influence the chemicals in the brain.  This is why medications are often prescribed to address this chemical in-balance.

Your depressed thoughts and feelings then become habitual, so you start to feel them more often or for reasons that don’t seem logical to you. So, although you may be feeling hopeless, helpless and wondering what’s the point, it is really important that you seek help quickly.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

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Your next step

Emergency Help

Depression is a serious mental illness and I will always try to see you as soon as possible.  However, if you are in a crisis or feel suicidal, then call Lifeline IMMEDIATELY on 13 11 14

My Help

Please call Paul on 0433 446 012 for a friendly, confidential chat.  Alternatively, send an email to paul@harbourhypnotherapy.com.au.  When you get in touch, I will answer all your questions in a friendly and caring way and you will feel good that you’ve taken the first step.

When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and get you started on your road to recovery.

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