Hypnotherapy for Children and Young People

Hypnotherapy for Children and Young People Sydney

Typical Children’s Issues that I can help with

Children’s issues have increased dramatically in recent years.  Here are some of the common ones that I help with using Hypnotherapy for Children.

Anxiety & Depression

It is estimated that around 1 in 7 school age children suffer with depression, anxiety or other behavioural problems.  However, only 1 in 4 get help.  Rates of anxiety and depression in teenagers have increased by 70% in the last 25 years.


One in four students in Australian schools is affected by bullying and over 60% never report it.  The fear of being bullied is a common reason for being absent from school.  These days online or “cyber” bullying is on the rise.

Bed Wetting

Around 15% of children age 5 to 6 regularly wet the bed.  Most stop naturally, but around 2% still have this problem until 14 years old or later.  Fear of this happening, embarrassment, guilt or shame can make staying with friends and sleepovers quite difficult.


About 20% of 6 to 12 year olds experience frequent nightmares.


Around 90% of children up to the age of 14 have at least ONE specific fear.  For younger children (up to age 6 or 7), they are more imaginary.  For example, monsters, ghosts or shadowy figures.  However, it can often be something that they heard in the news.

From age 7 and upwards, the fears are more based on reality.  They might be health fears, school fears, general anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, death & dying and stress.  It could also be a fear of dogs, spiders, snakes, sharks, mum or dad dying or believing in things they have seen in movies actually happening.

Other issues that I help children with are:

  • Child anger or rage
  • Habits or behavioural problems
  • School issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Sleep problems
  • Self-Esteem

If your child has another issue, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.  You can email me at paul@harbourhypnotherapy.com.au

What I can do to help

If the situation is still affecting the child (for example bullying, abusive teacher or parent), then I can help to:

  • Increase their self-esteem, so that they are less likely to see or label themselves as a victim.  They begin to feel that they’re okay.
  • Express any feelings and emotions that they are holding in.  These might include feeling embarrassed, ashamed or guilty in some way.
  • Cope with the situation better
  • Generate the courage to deal with the situation
  • See the situation in a different way. For example, there is nothing wrong with me, its more about what is going on with the bully or abusive person.

If the situation is in the past or the cause of the fear is not known, then I can help the child or young person to:

  • See the situation or fear in a different way.
  • Imagine a different outcome that feels better to them.
  • Deal with any experiences that they are worried may happen or memories that may happen again.
  • Express any feelings or emotions that have previously been held in.
  • Build their self-esteem so they are less likely to label themselves as a victim.
  • Change old limiting beliefs into new, more positive ones.

How does Hypnotherapy for Children work?

Hypnotherapy for Children works effectively by accessing your child’s unconscious mind.  This is the place where irrational behaviours, negative emotions and other learned habits come from.  A child’s unconscious mind tends to act like a sponge, taking in all experiences (the good and the bad ones).  This is how a child learns so fast.

My form of hypnotherapy for children is extremely effective in helping your child to resolve “inner worries” which are often the real cause of difficult or unusual behaviours.  These inner worries can often seem very trivial or unimportant to an adult.  However, to a child, they can feel overwhelming.

I have one particularly fascinating and innovative technique that is especially designed for kids.  This technique is extremely effective at treating all sorts of children’s issues, including irrational fears, bed-wetting and other difficult or challenging behaviours.

What’s great about this technique is that the child does not need to talk about their “problem” if they don’t want to.  This can be a great relief to a child that finds it difficult to talk about their issue or if they find it embarrassing.

Most kids find hypnotherapy for children to be enjoyable, interesting and actually quite fun.  It’s very effective as children love to use their imagination and kids are very good at that!

 Other Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 7-8 years old and above.  I will want to be able to communicate and engage with your child and capture their attention.  This is much more difficult with children that are younger than 7-8 years old.

Yes, of course.  For children under the age of 16, I request that one parent or guardian sits in on the session.  Older children (especially teenagers) may feel more comfortable without the parent being there, especially if something quite personal comes up.  This is fine too, as long as the child and parent agree.

Yes I have a NSW Working With Children Check.  The number is WWC1377474E

Absolutely! – Children are really good at it, often better than most adults! Children generally find hypnosis to be very natural and enjoyable.

Locations and Fees

Hypnotherapy sessions take place in North Sydney or Crows Nest.  Click here for address details.

Fee information can be found here.

The next step for your child

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When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and I can get started in helping your child resolve their problem or concern and become a happy kid once again.

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