Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

If you can’t fly without drugs or alcohol, Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy will help you feel calm, safe and relaxed on every flight.

People that come to see me for fear of flying hypnotherapy often experience one or more of the following:

  • Feeling nervous and noticing physical symptoms when thinking about flying.
  • Pressure from family and friends overseas that really want to see you, but just don’t understand your problem.
  • A feeling of missing out on travel, holidays and adventures!
  • Dependence on alcohol or drugs for times when you have to fly.
  • Constantly telling yourself that flying is safe, but that doesn’t seem to stop the nervous and afraid feelings.
  • Feelings that are so strong that flying doesn’t seem like an option.
  • Fear of embarrassing yourself on a plane by being too nervous or possibly having a panic attack.
  • Sense of claustrophobia by being locked into a small space with many other people.
  • Difficulty in giving control to someone else, such as the pilot and flight crew.

Where does your Fear of Flying come from?

For some people, it will come from a “bad flight” in the past, maybe one with lots of turbulence or a take off or landing in bad weather.    However for many people, the cause is not obvious, but a reason will be lurking within your unconscious mind.  This reason could be a traumatic experience, a limiting belief, something you witnessed or overheard or a combination of all of these.  Whatever it is, your subconscious mind is using that event or situation to control your thoughts and feelings about flying today.

How does Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy resolve this?

Hypnotherapy works so effectively because it accesses the “unconscious” part of your mind.  This is where your fear of flying is stored. Using a variety of approaches, we can change how flying is perceived in your unconscious mind, so that you view flying as a more enjoyable, safe and relaxing experience.

I will also help you replace negative thoughts and beliefs with more positive and accurate ones, so that flying becomes something that you do.  It’s no big deal anymore.

Some of the common things that previous clients have noticed have included:

  • Feeling more calm when booking a flight, boarding a plane or when the plane takes off or lands.
  • Greater feelings of confidence, calmness and relaxation when flying.
  • Becoming in control of what was previously an unconscious reaction.
  • Calmer and more rational thoughts about flying.
  • Resolving any underlying causes (if relevant and necessary).
  • A sense of relief by having this barrier lifted, allowing flying and all the life-enhancing benefits of air travel to be a new part of their life.

What would it feel like to take a flight to any destination that you desire?  To become free from this fear that has been stopping you in your tracks. Or to feel able to look forward to flights as part of your holiday, then enjoy your time at your destination (no more worrying about the flight home).

Will it work for me?

You may be wondering how hypnotherapy can help with something that seems so outside of your control.  What I have found is that people with a fear of flying tend to have similar unconscious thoughts and feelings.  There is a process that creates this fear in the first place and this can be changed subconsciously with the help of hypnosis.  This is one of the reasons why fear of flying hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to resolve your fear of air travel.

If you’re a little sceptical about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, don’t worry.  Many of my previous clients were sceptical too.  However, they soon started feeling more relaxed, calm and confident about their next flight.

After visiting Paul, I had three long flights on our holiday and they were the best flights I have ever taken. I was calm - even with a bit of turbulence. And I slept. Yes! I. SLEPT. On a flight!I seriously cannot thank Paul enough - he’s a miracle worker!!

Take off or get left behind

Flying is becoming a necessity these days with many companies expecting their employees to travel to attend meetings and events.  Weddings and other celebrations are more frequently overseas and families are often spread out right across the globe.  A time may arise soon when you have to fly, so it makes sense to deal with the fear right now.  What would it feel like to say yes to overseas invitations, to see more of your family and friends or land a job that takes you overseas with all expenses paid!

Travel is also a wonderful way to relax, unwind and experience new things.  Seeing the world can get more difficult as you get older and you may regret this later.  There is no reason to keep battling with this fear for any longer than is necessary, when a solution could be just around the corner.

How many sessions will I need?

As everyone is unique, this will tend to vary.  However, it tends to be 1 to 3 sessions for most people.  You should start noticing some changes after the first session.

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

For further details, please visit my locations page.

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Your next step

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Paul Thomas

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