Binge Eating Hypnotherapy will help you identify and resolve the unconscious reasons for binge eating, so that you don’t need to do it anymore.

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What kind of Binge Eater are you?

If you’re struggling with binge eating and are looking at this website to see what help is available, then you have probably done some of these:

  • Eaten large quantities of food, even when you’re not hungry.
  • Eaten alone (rather than with other people)
  • Lied about how much food you have eaten after a binge
  • Eaten till you’ve run out of a type of food.
  • Hidden food
  • Eaten to the point of feeling really uncomfortable or even in pain
  • Continually eaten food whenever its around, even when you’re not hungry.

You may have asked yourself questions like?

  • Why do I continually eat when I am stressed or bored?
  • I tell myself that I am not going to overeat, but I just can’t seem to control it.
  • I know what I need to do to stop this, but I just can’t do it.
  • Once I start, I can’t seem to stop.  It feels like a secret greedy person has taken over.

When you binge eat, there will be a reason (or a number of reasons) for it. When the reasons are resolved using binge eating hypnotherapy, you will tend to stop – it can be that simple.

Binge Eating and compulsive eating comes from a feeling or desire from within your unconscious mind.  You tell yourself that you are not going to binge eat, but that doesn’t seem to help?  Why is that? – Well, your conscious mind has little power over your unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires.  Binge eating hypnotherapy works directly with your unconscious mind, so that letting go of this old habit becomes easy and natural for you.

How does Binge Eating Hypnotherapy work?

Binge eating is like a hypnotic or “trance” state where you eat, eat and eat, and no one can stop you.  You’re focus of attention is almost completely on eating.  So binge eating hypnotherapy can de-hypnotise you from this binge eating mental state.

Binge Eating Hypnotherapy works directly with your unconscious mind.  Once in a nice relaxed state of hypnosis, I can help you identify what triggers your desire to binge eat.  This will often be a thought, feeling or situation in the past that is stored in your unconscious mind and influencing behaviour today.  Once we know what these are, I will teach your unconscious mind to view these experiences in a more objective way whilst at the same time releasing any emotions around this.  This removes the unconscious power and influence over your binge eating, so that you can naturally let go of it.

You may turn to food for comfort after a bad or stressful day, or when you feel lonely, or even to fill some emotional “void” in your life.  In these cases, hypnotherapy for binge eating will help train your unconscious mind to desire healthy, positive, life-enriching activities that leave you feeling happy and fulfilled, rather than guilty, depressed or ashamed.

Hypnotherapy for binge eating is very natural and safe.  It works quickly to remove negative behaviours that could be undermining your desire for a healthy lifestyle.  Binge eating hypnosis can help you lose weight, improve your self-esteem and leave you free to find healthy alternatives to release stress, sadness or emotional pain.

Some of the other benefits from previous people that undertook a few sessions of binge eating hypnotherapy included:

  • Being free of the desire to binge eat.
  • Reducing or removing cravings to eat the “bad foods”
  • A more positive self image and sense of identity
  • Stronger feelings of strength and determination
  • Greater self esteem, confidence and positivity
  • Less stress and better ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Motivation to take care of yourself and lead a more healthier life style

Locations and Fees

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

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What’s the next step?

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I can understand how much suffering you have already gone through, so I’ll ensure that your sessions with me will be judgement-free. I will do my best to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

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Paul Thomas

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