Anorexia Hypnotherapy can help you overcome Anorexia and feel good about yourself.

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I understand how you’re feeling.

If you suffer with Anorexia, you are probably looking at this website to see what help is available, so that you know what to do next.

My guess is that you would like to be free of the suffering. However, you are also rather scared of what being free of anorexia might lead to.  This is a common fear for people suffering from anorexia.

You worry that being free of anorexia could lead you to eat more food, gain weight and look horrible in the mirror.  That’s what you are desperately trying to avoid.

However, you also know that you’re not happy and feel trapped with no obvious way out.

From my previous experience with others dealing with anorexia, my hunch is that you like to feel in control of your eating and weight.  If your weight changes at all, that brings a sense of panic, fear or worry.  My guess is that you also feel frustrated at not being able to lose weight as all you see is that undesirable image of yourself in the mirror.

I suspect you also feel anxious most of the time.  Maybe you don’t feel great about yourself, you think you’re a “bad” person and feel that you have to be extra nice to other people to compensate for that.

You may also be a perfectionist and are pretty hard on yourself as a result.  You possibly also have a high drive to achieve something in this world.

Whilst the reasons for this are positive, this can all lead to a very stressful, anxious and unhappy experience. This can really affect your level of self-esteem.

This is not a great way to feel, especially if you have to hide things from your closest friends or family or feel that everyone is watching you at meal times.

There is a way out that is right for you.

It is possible to start feeling good about yourself, whilst maintaining a body size that you feel comfortable with.  You can do this and begin to eat healthily again.  You will notice how others around you begin to look relieved and start allowing yourself to be yourself.

This is where anorexia hypnotherapy can help you.  When someone with anorexia walks through my door, we rarely talk about food and weight.  Instead, I focus on helping to resolve the real cause of it.

What happens in most cases, is that your feelings and emotions (which are often based on fear), over-ride your bodies natural wisdom about food and eating.  It’s like you don’t trust your body or yourself now, in case a “secret greedy person” takes over that doesn’t know when to stop.

Now you probably hate that “secret greedy you”.  However, it is this part of you that holds the answer to your problem.

As we deal with this part of you using my unique anorexia hypnotherapy process, you will begin to feel back in control again. You will start to feel safer and with that feeling, you can allow a little more food into your body. You will know without a doubt that you will maintain a body size that feels right for you.

As you begin to feel “normal” about food again, you will start to think more about other things in your life. You will start to regain trust in your body and yourself and this will lead to a feeling of being back in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

All of this helps you rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect, so that you feel more relaxed, confident and generally feel better about being you.

The anorexia hypnotherapy treatment process that I use is extremely effective at doing this.

Locations, Fees and Availability

You can have a face to face hypnotherapy session in Crows Nest. Alternatively, you can relax at home with an online hypnotherapy session via Zoom.

For further details, please visit my locations page.

You can find details of my hypnotherapy fees here.

Sometimes, I’m booked up for weeks in advance.  At other times, I have spaces available right now.  If you’re keen to get going and want to check my current availability, please call me on 0433 446 012.

What’s the next step?

If you are seriously interested in help to end your anorexia and get your eating disorder and your life back under control, call Paul on 0433 446 012 today for a friendly, confidential chat.  Alternatively, send an email to

When we speak, you will get all your questions answered in a friendly and caring way. You will feel good that you’ve taken the first step.  When everything feels right for you, we can book your first session and get you started on your road to recovery.

I can understand how much suffering you have already gone through, so I’ll ensure that your sessions with me will be judgement-free. I will do my best to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Call now on 0433 446 012

I look forward to chatting with you very soon.

Best wishes

Paul Thomas
Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapist
Specialist in Anorexia Hypnotherapy